Rec Tec vs Traeger pellet grill comparison — Which pellet grill is better than the other? Is Rec Tec worth the higher price tag or should you just settle with the cheaper Traeger? Let’s find out as we go through each of these grills highlighting the difference in both features and performance.

Note: We are basing our comparison on Rec Tec wood pellet grill against the Traeger TFB29LZA which is the best selling Traeger grill.

Note: We are Currently Updating Our Rec Tec Vs Traeger Guide

Rec Tec vs Traeger – What Sets them Apart?

Here is an in-depth guide highlighting the features and performance on the two pellet grills and our verdict on which of the two you should choose.

Build and Construction

The sturdiness of the grill determines how long it will last as well as the stability it gives (you don’t want a swinging grill that tumbles in case of an impact).

Everything on Rec Tec ranging from fire pot to the logo is constructed using a 304 stainless steel which makes it more heavy duty and sturdier as compared with Traeger which is constructed using a lower grade steel and powder coat finish. If you were choosing your wood pellet grill based on durability, it is clear that Rec Tec has it here.


Rec Tec is an easy to use, high performance grill that gives you the best quality whether you want to grill, smoke, sear or bake. You can set the temperatures low and take you time without having to worry of burning your food. Its versatility and ability to maintain steady heat gives you the best.

Traeger on the other end is good. much better than most pellet grills but doesn’t come close to Rec Tec. Based on reviews by users, some have reported issues with too much heat messing things up.

If you are looking for a set and forget grill, then Rec Tec will do. Why? Traeger just isn’t that good. If it runs out of wood pellets, it will go off, taking you to the beginning. So if you choose Traeger, be ready to babysit.

Heat Control

REC TEC vs Traeger Pellet GrillsHeat control is everything. Mess around a little with temperature adjustments and you mess your briskets. For the best experience, you’d want a pellet grill that gives you the best control of the temperatures. Rc Tec maintains temperatures up to 500ºF and you can make 5º increments. Traeger temperatures can be controlled +/- 20 degree increments and this can go up to 450º. What this means is that you can get more heat from Rec Tec than Traeger and also have better heat control. 5º adjustments is really impressive. so, Rec Tec is the best here as well.

Hopper Capacity

High hopper capacity obviously comes to play when you are planning on cooking or smoking for a lengthy time. Should that be something to consider, just pick Rec Tec.

Rec Rec has a higher hopper capacity as compared to Traeger. Rec Tec holds 40 pounds of pellets while Traeger only holds about 19 pounds (less than the 20 pound bag).

Weight And Portability

If you are planning on moving your grill a lot, then you need something that is light weight and if it comes down to Rec Tec and Traeger, it will have to be Traeger this time. Rec Tec is made of heavy duty materials which makes it heavy. I always love my grill to be heavy and stable, but if you feel the need to have a portable one and this only being your priority, Traeger could be it.

Ease Of cleaning

If you’ve had a grill that gave you headache cleaning, then I bet that’s an experience you don’t want again. Luckily these two grills seem to have you covered on that. Both the Traeger and Rec Tec are easy to clean and you wont have any issues struggling over a lengthy time trying cleaning them.

Customer satisfaction

Based on customer reviews from major online retailers, Rec Tec seems to be stealing the show and loved by many users.

On amazon for instance, everyone (yeah, all verified buyers) who have bought Rec Tec through the platform, has something good to say about this pellet grill. As compared with Traeger which has received mixed reaction, including several complains, it is justified to say Rec Tec is the unanimous champ.

Final Verdict:

We all know what defines a good pellet grill; good temp control, sturdy build and the performance you get. Clearly, these pellet grills are on different levels and frankly, Rec Tec is way better than Traeger in many ways. Rec Tec tends to be much pricier than most Traeger grills but rest assured, spending the extra dough to get Rec Tec would be a worthy investment. Earlier versions of Traeger used to grace the backyard with love but since they started making it from china, the quality and performance faded.

Our final verdict: We highly recommend Rec Tec wood pellet grill.

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