Weber Spirit Vs Genesis showdown: – If you’ve gotten to the point of comparing the Weber spirit and Genesis, then you are not alone; these are arguably among the best grills that you can come across. Loved for their durability, efficiency and utmost performance, Weber has been a major player in making sure that we enjoy that perfectly grilled steak.

A reliable grill is an indispensable tool for the modern chef. It not only serves as a great outdoor amusement, but also as a second oven. With hundreds of options available in the market, finding a reliable grill can be a daunting task. Remember, a reliable grill will give your food the appearance and flavor of steakhouse food.

Your grill type and brand can surely make or break your next party. Make sure you buy a solid, robust, and durable grill that should give you a delightful grilling experience. Grills are not sophisticated tools, but knowing the basics can help you find a grill that can keep you happy for years.

Being one of the best selling grill brands and the least repaired brand makes Weber almost untouchable. In this comparison guide, we’ll be delving into two of Weber’s most loved grills, the Weber Spirit vs Genesis showdown.

Overview : Weber Spirit versus Genesis

Weber Spirit

weber spirit vs genesis grill

Weber Genesis

weber genesis vs spirit

Pricing -Fairly cheaper as compared to Genesis.
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Pricing -More pricier as compares to Weber Spirit.
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Spirit Build – Great build but a little lower grade of steel as compared to Genesis but also a much more quality build as compared to many in the market. Genesis Build – Sturdy and solid build that is arguably one of the best builds in the market. You can count on it for durability.

It is an entry-level grill that is perfect for basic grilling. Comes in 2-burner or 3-burner unlike Genesis which offers more.



Genesis series are a more sophisticated grill which features more sophisticated and well designed burners, flavorizer and boasts better performance. It has a range of burners from 2, 3, 4 and 6 combinations.

Weber Genesis

The existing array of the Weber Genesis series consists of four models, with different price ranges and features. The model E is the most basic of grills while the model S is the most sophisticated. Quality, design, construction and performance are consistent throughout the Weber Genesis series, which is one of the company’s best selling lines.

The grills come loaded with three burners. BTU differs from model to model and most of the models come with Flavorized bars to make your grilled food smoky. Stainless steel has been used with varying levels across all models. The grills are available in both tank and natural gas. These grills are perfect for large amount of cooking because they provide good working and grilling surfaces.

Weber Spirit

This is the entry-level series from Weber. Grills under this series come equipped with two or three burners. Unlike the previous versions, the new models have received a design facelift with the control panel being shifted on the front in addition to the folding tables and storage rack. You also get porcelain-coated cast iron grates with the grills.  The burners orientation is similar to other grills available on the market.

The Weber Spirit models are constructed from stainless steel, which makes them highly durable and reliable. When it comes to performance, these grills are relatively way ahead. This series follows Weber’s standardized, attractive design with immaculate touches and artistic finishing. There are nine models under the Weber Spirit series.

Understanding Weber Grill Labels

Most of us do not understand how to read labels on the Weber grills, so here is a little nitty-gritty on the grills codes.

  • E-210 – E represents the porcelain grates and 2 represents the 2 burners the grill has.
  • S-210 – S represents the stainless steel material of the grill and 2 for the burners.
  • E-310 – E is for the porcelain grates and 3 for the 3 burners of the grill.
  • E-330 – Similarly as the above, E is for the porcelain grates and 3 for the 3 burners of the grill.
  • SP-310 – Stainless grates, 3 burners, (This one has a flavorizer bar and not porcelain)
  • SP-330 – S for stainless grates, 3 for the 3 burners
  • S-340 – Stainless steel and 3 burners along with the stainless grates.

Should You Buy The Weber Spirit or Genesis?

In terms of construction, Quality and performance, the Genesis models have an upper hand as compares to the Spirit model. Its justified to say that the extra cost on the Genesis models as compared to Spirit is for the more sturdier and solid design as well as the extra space on the grill.

Every penny counts for both grill models but If you are willing to spare a a few more bucks to get Genesis, then you’ll get better performance, durability and quality. But if you are on a budget, then you may have to settle for the Weber spirit.Check out the links below for the best selling of the two models.

Best Weber Genesis Pick

Best Weber Spirit Pick

Why Choose A Weber Grill?

No doubt Weber is a name synonymous with high quality grills. The Weber-Stephen Products has been producing the Weber Grill range for decades now. Whether it is charcoal, gas, electric grill or grilling accessories and related products, the company has been leading the industry with growth and innovations. In fact, the Weber grills have taken our outdoor grilling experiences to a completely new level over time.

Thanks to the company, we can now grill our foods on grills with sturdy construction, immaculate design, even distribution of heat, and reduced flare-ups with ease. There is nothing wrong with saying that Weber has completely changed the grilling landscape forever with a focus on consumer needs, innovations, dedication and quality.

Weber grills have not just been made with barbecuing in mind; in fact, they provide a total solution to your indoor and outdoor needs of fun, delight and amusement. A Weber Grill will create delightful memories, not just deliciously flavored food.

  1. Heat Control: No doubt the most important factor in cooking is heat control.  Weber grills come fitted with control panels that allow you to manage the temperature very easily.
  2. Size: Weber grills have different sizes when it comes to cooking and working surfaces. No matter what your needs, you can always find the ideal size in the Weber series.
  3. Headspace: Weber grills provide you adequate space to smoke a turkey or a chicken. The warming rack gives you enough room to keep you grilled food warm until you are ready to serve.
  4. Price: Weber offers you a huge range of grills with different price ranges. You can always find a Weber grill in your budget range.
  5. High Temperature: Weber grills can heat up to 500-600 degrees within minutes. The burners give out enough BTU to grill you food seamlessly and timely.
  6. Smoking: Weber grills can give your food a smoky flavor. The Flavorizing bars, the airtight lid and perfect control on airflow can make your food delicious.
  7. Burners: The burners on Weber gas grills are made of stainless steel, so they won’t burn, wear out or rust. They can be switched off and on with the push of a button.
  8. Construction And Design: Weber grills are constructed with stainless steel, which makes them robust, reliable and durable. They also use cast iron, enameled steel, and aluminum. Weber grills got a design facelift in 2013, and the grills now come with artistic touches, fine finishing, and immaculate designs.
  9. Other Distinct Qualities And Features : Other qualities and features include chrome or nickel enameled grates, options for rotisserie cooking in most versions, side shelves, side burners in most versions, easy assemblage, ease of cleaning, warranty, customer support and safety. You may also want to check out these gas grills under 300 bucks.

Weber Gas Grill Caring and Maintenance

If you wish to make your Weber grill last for a long time, you should invest in the right tools and enough time for the proper care and maintenance of your equipment. You should have a griller’s toolbox containing a brass wire grill brush, stainless steel wire brush, fine steel wool pads, mild dish soap, a sponge or dish cloth, plastic or Teflon scraper, putty knife and fitted food catch pan liners placed near your grill for fast, easy and regular clean-ups.

A gas grill should be cleaned after every use and should benefit from at least one serious cleaning a year. The regular clean-up does not require much more than cleaning the grates and brushing off the sides and lid for any spills. It is important to make sure that the grates are completely cleaned to prevent food from sticking to make your next grilling sessions easier. You should also lift out the cooking grate regularly and clean off the barrier above the burners.

Serious cleaning will require you to take apart your grill. However, before you do this, you should disconnect the gas and lift out the grill parts by layer. Inspect the burner thoroughly to make sure that there isn’t anything that will get in the way of the gas flow. A clogged burner will result to uneven heat and poor grilling. If it is possible to clean it, do so, if not, replace it. Also replace lava rocks or ceramic briquettes that have become too heavily encrusted with cooked on food.

Use soapy water to clean your grill after you have removed everything in it. You may need to consider repainting if the paint is coming off or if you see any signs of rust. Otherwise, put everything back in and check if all connections are in the right place and turn it on. Before your next cooking; heat the grill completely to burn off any soap residue.

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