What’s the best mattress for arthritis? Arthritis is a condition that causes the inflammation of one or multiple body joints and is characterized by pains, stiffness, swelling and limited range of motion in the affected joints. Although it does not discriminate, the risk factors include previous joint injury, obesity, age and family history. Severe arthritis particularly affects the harms, back and spine making it difficult for people to bend, walk, stand, sit and even sleep comfortably. Getting a good rest is very important in order to rejuvenate the body and this is something that can best be done through sleeping. Since arthritis brings about sleepless nights due to the associated pains, it is very hard to get the much needed rest. This is why there are mattresses that have been specifically designed to relax your muscles as well as reduce pressure and pain on joints for a good nights sleep. So, which is the best mattress for arthritis?

What Kind Of Mattress Should Arthritis Sufferers Choose?

A mattress that contours and cuddles to the curves of their body.

A mattress that offers good body alignment and keep the spinal straight.

A mattress that doesn’t retain a lot of heat – One that has good air flow structuring.

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good mattress – Even for people who suffer from arthritis, there are cheaper options that one can enjoy unparalleled comfort and a good night sleep.

The Best Mattresses For Arthritis And Fibromyalgia

If you are looking for the best mattress for arthritis, then here is out top 7 list that we’ve compiled with the help of industry experts and also rigorous testing and research done in over 12 months. These mattresses have significantly shown dramatic relief in people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis and in people suffering from different joint pains.

#1  Zinus Green Tea Mattress

#2  Leesa Mattress

#3  Purple Mattress

#4  Amerisleep Revere Mattress

#5  Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 inch Mattress

#6  Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

#7  Tuft & Needle Mattress

1. Zinus Green Tea Mattress

best mattress for arthrtis zinus

The Zinus Green Tea is described as being incredibly comfortable and well-built mattress. It is not only our best rated mattress for arthritis relief but also the most affordable in our list. It is infused with green tea extracts which gives added health benefits as well as make the mattress fresh and have a good scent by keeping odors under control without addition of excess chemicals to your mattress. This mattress has six different sizes which are the twin, extra-long twin, double, queen, king, and California king. They are also available in four different heights of 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch.

It is made using airflow technology that helps to circulate body heat out of the bed instead of trapping it inside and this enables you to sleep comfortably whether it is hot or cold. It contains multiple types of fused memory foam layers that help it to conform to the natural shape of the body and maintain its shape easily for you to stay comfortable throughout the entire night. This unique design helps to relief pressure on your joints for a pain-free and sleepy night. The Zinus mattress has a density of 3 lbs which makes it neither plush nor firm to suit people with arthritis for back, stomach and side sleepers.  This is because it is designed to keep the spine in proper alignment and offer pressure point relief such that side sleepers will feel that their weight is being better supported by this mattress rather than their bodies.

Why is Zinus Green Tea Mattress The best Mattress for arthritis?

Besides comfort, support and body alignment, here is a summary of some of the things that makes this Zinus mattress a good choice for people with arthritis.

Green Tea Extracts – Not any mattress you come by comes with natural green ta extracts infusion and this one is just exceptional. The green tea extracts that helps to rejuvenate your morning and keep off allergens that is common with some memory foam mattresses. This factor just gives it a big plus when compared with others.

Exceptional Pain Relief Experience – Its designed with people with pain in mind. Be it back pain, joint pains, arthritis and other sort of pain, the mattress does a good job in pampering the pressure points and giving a cuddly feel.

CertiPUR certificatipon – Nobody should sleep on a mattress that hasn’t been tested by a third party organization. Why? You could be sleeping on a cloud of harmful chemicals that will make your situation even worse. With Zinus being CertiPUR certified, it means that it meets the strict standards on materials, emissions and durability.

Perfect Air flow – Memory mattresses are known to get hot and if its a hot hot seasons, the experience is even worse. Zinus green tea is designed with all that in mind, and you can sleep comfortably and snooze all you want regardless of whether its the hottest summer. We can frankly say, they’ve done an amazing job in avoiding heat build-up and that is something someone with arthritis will also appreciate.

Super Bargain – With all the essential features in a healthy mattress, you’d expect a hefty price tag on this, but you’ll be very amazed with the price on this mattress. In a single line, it is a premium mattress that is well structured yet half priced. Sleeping on the mattress will make you wonder why people always pay $1000 for a mattress.

Unquestionable Durability – You will also get to enjoy the great performance, not for a few months like you’ expect with some cheap mattresses, but for many years without having to complain about your back.

These are some of the things that makes this mattress good for arthritis sufferers. It is a mattress that doesn’t disappointing in many aspects and the raving reviews it has received is proof to that.

Potential concerns with Zinus Green Tea Mattress

– The extra-long twin size only comes in the 8-inch tall option.

– Some back sleepers may find it too soft. Although we came across very few issues on this, it is always worth mentioning so as to know what to expect. You can however have the mattress returned free of charge as long as it is within the 30 day trial period.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress is the best mattress for arthritis, relieving joint pains in the back and spine among other related issues. It has the ideal firmness, stability, durability, supportive features and good scent that will provide you with an improved night’s sleep. This mattress will relax your muscles by providing proper spinal alignment and edge support when you sit on it.

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2. Leesa Mattress

leesa mattress for arthritis

The Leesa mattress is a 10-inch mattress that is built with three layers. At the bottom of the mattress is a 6-inch stable base layer of high density support foam followed by a middle 2-inch layer of memory foam that accounts for the cushioning and the 2-inch top layer of Avena foam that is corrugated and with special air pockets that reduce sweating, improve breathability and promote durability. It is one of the highly adaptive all-foam mattresses that are designed to be used by people of different body-types as it easily adjusts to individual needs.  People who share a bed will love this mattress because it has very little motion transfer and firm enough to support heavy weight. It is able to cushion hips and shoulders with no sinking in feeling because it is made with the right amount of memory foam that does not allow sinking but floating on it.

Why choose Leesa Mattress

– It is very conforming to the body and highly supportive.

– It sleeps cool and with few complaints of it sleeping hot.

– The mattress is a good mix of comfort and support within the ideal range for the average sleeper.

– It has an attractive cover that can be left even without bed sheets.

– It is a strong pressure relief mattress which is good in relieving joint pain as a result of arthritis.

– It is very attractive with a beautiful design.

Potential concerns with the Leesa mattress

– This mattress model is geared towards the average sleeper and if you prefer a very soft or very firm mattress, the Leesa isn’t the best choice for you.

– It may be a bit hard for side sleepers.

The Lessa Mattress is one of the best foam mattresses that supports more weight and is comfortable even without sheets on it. If you’re a back sleeper, this should be the first bed to go for especially if you are looking for a medium level of firmness with a bit of memory foam.  The Leesa Mattress could just be what you have been looking for as many users report reduced joint pain after using it.

3. Purple Mattresspurple mattress for arthritis

The Purple Mattress is a three-layer mattress containing extra technology in its top layer of polymer grid. It is mostly famous for being cool and pressure relieving thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer top layer with squares of hollow space which promotes airflow and relieves pressure. The mattress sleeps completely natural with neutral temperature as well as being adaptive, comfortable and with minimal sinkage. The unique technology bridges the gap between the comfort and bounce of a traditional spring mattress with the support of a memory foam mattress.​ The middle 3.5-inch layer of polyurethane foam provides much of the stability and support to the mattress while the 4-inch base layer consisting of another layer of polyurethane foam serves as the foundation of the mattress and provides a fair amount of resistance against compression. The mattress is of medium firm feel and the walls in the grid design of the top layer either fold to cushion your back or stay rigid to support you and relieve pressure. The cover is made from viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra material that is highly breathable and is machine wash friendly. This mattress is also recyclable as it is made up of food grade materials that are hard to come by.

Why choose the Purple Mattress

– It is bouncier than traditional memory foam to maintain minimal motion transfer.

– It sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses on the market.

-The Purple’s Unique Smart Grid Design makes it beautiful and attractive which makes it a perfect addition in your bedroom.

– It is effective in relieving back pain and minimizing pressure points thanks to its hyper-elastic polymer top layer.

– Apart from the back and side sleepers, the stomach sleepers will find the Purple mattress to be supportive and comfortable too.

Potential concerns with the Purple Mattress         

– It is only available in four sizes and not available in typical Twin or Full.

– The materials used in the bed construction make it very heavy, from 70-140 lbs.

– You may find the edge of the bed support to be insufficient for oversized people.

The Purple Mattress is one of the best mattresses given its grid technology system and the strong base which is good in providing you with enough support and comfort by relieving the pressure in the joints as you sleep. It also sleeps cool, beautiful and accommodate all sleeping positions.

4. Amerisleep Revere Mattress

amerisleep revere mattress for arthritis

This mattress is one of the Amerisleep mattress families that with a medium firm feeling and is built out of two memory foam layers. The first layer is a 3-inch Bio-Pur foam while the second layer is a 9-inch Bio-Core foam. The top layer foam is high quality memory foam that is eco-friendly as it is made from mostly plant based oils made that relieve pressure and resist heat to allow you to get a good night’s sleep every night. This mattress comes in a variety of sizes including: twin, full, queen, king, California king, twin long, split California king and split eastern king. This means that you can always find the right size mattress no matter what bed size you have. The Amerisleep Revere mattress provides an increased blood flow during sleep hence your body will carry more oxygen because it acts as a transformative agent. It effectively transforms your body heat into infrared light which is also a healthy benefit. This mattress can be described as being the all-in-one type, where you get all the good features in a single mattress.

Why choose Amerisleep Revere Mattress

-The memory foam helps to ensure there are no pressure points and you end up with a more comfortable sleep that can help relieve and prevent back and neck pains.

-Has 3 inches of breathable, comfortable memory foam to ensure your comfort the entire night.

-Made with mainly plant-based oils, dust mite resistant and hypo-allergenic, making it environmentally friendly.

-It is quiet and transfer little motion when sharing the bed.

– It offers all round benefits in one mattress including enough support, cooling effect, medium feel, lightweight, good looks and better health.

Potential concerns with the Amerisleep Revere mattress

-The mattress may be too soft or too firm to some people depending on individual preferences.

-It may develop a cavity over time.

-Being on the firmer side, this mattress might not be the best for side sleepers.

The Amerisleep Revere memory foam mattress is definitely one to try out especially if you experience back and neck pains from sleeping on a traditional spring mattress. It is neither too soft nor too firm and the memory foam allows air circulation, support and comfortable sleeping throughout the night.

5. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 inch Mattress

Mattresses For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Fibromyalgia

This mattress has a DuoComfort design made up of two distinctive layers of the bottom 9.5-inch Support-Plus Foam layer and the top 2.5-inch SureTemp Memory Foam. The bottom layer provides support to ensure that the layer above it is properly settled so that the sleeper does not face any issues while sleeping. The top layer caters for the needs of the sleeper by providing extra coolness that helps the person to sleep better and have an extra sense of comfort. The SureTemp Memory Foam layer is equipped with an open-cell technology, which promotes better air circulation. The cover is made of a polyester cotton material that gives a delicate combination of both comfort and convenience. Its medium-firmness is a best choice for side-sleepers because this firmness encourages a relaxing sleep. It also promotes proper spine alignment and helps relax your muscles and body even more. This mattress is protected from dust mites that may cause skin and nasal allergies.

Why choose Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 inch mattress

– It helps in reducing joint pains because of the adequate foam balance.

– It offers great balance of firmness and softness providing the best comfort quality that is ideal for side sleepers.

– It has good air circulation provided by the open-cell technology.

-It provides a good alignment of the cervical spine and the spinal form which relieves you of your neck, back and waist pains caused by arthritis.

– It is made with high quality and durable materials and will serve you for many years to come.

– It is healthy, comfortable and convenient thanks to the polyester cotton material cover.

Potential concerns with Innovations Shiloh 12 inch mattress

– It is quite heavy and you might have some difficulty in transporting and moving it to other areas of your house.

– This product may have the “smell” of memory foam mattress at first but it will be gone in a few days.

If you want to sleep soundly and happily then this is the mattress for you. The Innovation Shiloh is one mattress that makes sure that your body is properly aligned from head to toe hence say goodbye to mornings of joint and muscle pains. Moreover, this mattress provides relief to pressure points hence giving the therapeutic touch that you badly need after a hard day’s work.

6. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

signature sleep mattress for arthritis

This is a 12-inch memory foam mattress that is made up of two layers:  the top 4-inch responsive memory foam and the bottom 8-inch high-density polyurethane foam.  The responsive memory foam helps in providing balanced support to your body, limiting motion transfers for those who share the bed and minimizing body pressure. The base layer helps in maintaining the correct balance between conforming comfort and proper support.

The Memoir is known to support body weight evenly, reduce pressure on the shoulders, hips, and feet, and eliminate motion disturbance and unprecedented sleeping experience. It offers consistent comfort given its durable nature and this applies to its different sizes that include the Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. It is flexible and accommodates all sleeping positions whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or one that moves around throughout the night. This is because it allows you to get into a comfortable position almost immediately.

Why choose Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

– It offers very little motion transfer and it is good if you are sharing a bed with a partner since neither of you will be disturbed by moving around or getting in and out of bed.

-It uses high-quality foam that is durable and can last for a few years before it begins to sag.

– It is flexible and accommodates any kind of sleeper.

-It stands out in providing pressure point relief in your shoulders, hip and back hence a good choice for arthritic people.

-It offers good spinal alignment which helps to reduce back pain during sleep.

Potential concerns with Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

-This is a one-sided mattress and you can’t flip it over as you would with other mattresses.

– Heavier sleepers may find it to be too firm and the mattress may sink in and lose density sooner.

– You may require to use a mattress topper for added softness.

The Signature Sleep Memoir mattress is one of its kind because majority of sleepers find it supportive and meeting all their needs. In this case, it does not give you a reason to struggle looking for a specific mattress. In all honesty, it is the best for someone with arthritis where you are free to sleep in any position to allow your joints to relax.

7. Tuft & Needle Mattress

tuft mattress for arthritis

Tuft & Needle is a 2- layer mattress that is made in USA. The top layer consists of a 3-inch high-performance polyfoam that is designed to provide great comfort, support, and breathability and promote cooling. This comfort layer is usually soft enough to provide the necessary comfort while at the same time offering a good amount of firmness. The bottom layer is made of 7-inch support foam that makes the foundation layer and provides the mattress with its shape. The Tuft & Needle is a high performance Mattress that is affordable yet offers both support and pressure relief for universal comfort thanks to its adaptive foam. It is designed to support the spine’s natural position, eliminate heat trapping and prevent back and neck pains. It is of a medium firm feel and distributes body weight evenly and this means that it offers comfortable sleeping for a majority of sleepers.

Why choose Tuft & Needle Mattress

-It has a medium firm feel and is a balanced mattress that provides great support and comfort.

-The mattress is designed to relieve pressure points and alleviate back and neck pains hence recommended for therapy and treatment.

– It is made with cool and breathable material for extra sleeping comfort.

-It offers good motion isolation so that those sharing a bed can sleep without disturbances.

– It is durable and made in the USA.

– It is quite affordable.

Potential concerns with the Tuft & Needle Mattress

– There are side sleepers who still feel that it is too firm and this could be as a result of broad shoulders, wide hips or high sensitivity to pressure.

– You will need to have a firm foundation to mount it on.

– It may take some time for it to soften to its medium-firm state or new users to get used to it.

Tuft & Needle Mattress is a good mattress especially if you are of an average weight, back or stomach sleeper and require a thick mattress. It is also a perfect choice if you need a cooler and cheaper mattress that you can share with your partner.

What Makes a Good Mattress For Arthritis?

The best mattress for arthritis should not create pressure points on hips, shoulders, legs and the neck throughout the night. It is therefore important if you are arthritic to avoid too soft or too firm mattresses that make you sink in too much and exert pressure on joints or place your back in a raised position. It is these bends on the backs and neck that increases pains in joints causing sleepless nights.  The perfect solution is to have an alternative mattress to sleep on in order to reduce your pains. In this case there are specific qualities that you should take them seriously when you want to buy the right mattress. These include:

Firmness and Support: Back and stomach sleepers should look for a firmer mattress that can support their spine. On the other hand, stomach sleepers should consider a softer mattress that allows their hips and shoulders to sink in while keeping their spine aligned.

-Material and Construction: These include soft gel toppers for joint support, firm foams that help back and stomach sleepers or cool-air technology that do not trap heat.

-Temperature: Consider a mattress that does not absorb the heat from your body as you sleep for uninterrupted sleep.

-Durability: The purchase of a mattress is a huge investment and so you have to look for a material that will last as long as possible.

-Thickness: Thicker mattresses often feel softer but too much of it will be harder. A good mattress should not be too thin or thick.

-Warranty: Make you purchase a mattress with a warranty that comes without restrictions.

General Arthritis Home Remedy

Arthritis is the joint inflammation or inflammation of the lining membrane which is caused due to some damage and injury. There are various treatments available which can be done through medications or by home remedy also. There are number of treatments available for treating the general arthritis by home remedy and they are:-

  • The arthritis patient should be given hot foot baths, ultrasonic diathermy, neutral immersion baths, stream baths and a massage for treating the arthritis. Lukewarm enema can also be given to cleanse the bowels and cold sprays and cold baths should be avoided.
  • The arthritis patient should be given two teaspoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey mixed with warm water.
  • Bogbean which is an aquatic herb cleans the urinary tract so the arthritis patient is advised to drink lots of water.
  • Vitamin E is very effective for treating arthritis as it protects and improves joint mobility.
  • The person should take one raw clove of garlic everyday and it should be fried in castor oil or ghee.
  • Boswellia is an anti-inflammatory drug and improves circulation to the joints, inflammation and stiffness.
  • Only use of acid fruits should be done by the arthritis patient.
  • Guggulu is an herb and should be eaten after the meals with warm water. Some oils such as cinnamon oil, camphor oil should be rubbed on the affected joints which will help the arthritis patient to relieve pain.
  • Some yogic asanas such as trikonasana, naukasana, shavasana etc and some yogic kriyas like pranayamas, jalneti and kapalbhati are beneficial for treating general arthritis.
  • Plenty of rest, right kind of posture mattress, plenty of fresh air and sunshine are necessary for the treatment of arthritis patient. Some breathing exercises and walking should also be done.
  • If the patient having arthritis is experiencing stiff and aching joints, mustard oil and coconut oil mixed with camphor should be massaged on the affected joints to relieve pain.
  • Oil of wintergreen, eucalyptus oil, rubbing alcohol should be mixed and rubbed on the affected joints.
  • Two tablespoons of mullein, one of lobelia and one teaspoon of cayenne should be mixed and a paste should be made. It should be spread on the cloth and placed on the swollen joints.
  • Oil of capsicum, oil of origanum, oil of lobelia should be mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on the swollen joints which prove to be the natural remedy for the arthritis patient.

So, the patient can apply any of these treatments to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints.

Hopefully our guide on choosing he best mattress for arthritis has been helpful. We keep updating our list from time to time to ensure that it is sup to date with the best mattresses we’ve tested and researched on.

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